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The leading e-procurement solution for Fresh Food


Procsea has developed a complete eprocurement platform to meet the specific problems of buyers of fresh products.

The Procsea platform is:
- A standardized and structured purchasing framework: Procsea supports each of your suppliers to structure its offer. The standardised offers are all centralized in your platform.
- An intuitive purchasing interface: allowing you to access the stocks of your suppliers directly, to compare prices, to digitize your purchases, to automate administrative tasks.
- A "universal" platform: our platform is interoperable (designed to fit into existing systems and applications via API, EDI), so the data is centralized in a single source.
- Key tools to meet your problems: invoicing, traceability, sustainability, marketplace stores, supplier interface, dashboards to better manage your activity.

Our customers all testify to the time and reliability savings that our solution has brought them. By digitizing their transactions, they were able to refocus on their core business and increase their productivity while reducing errors.

Use cases:
- Manor: implementation of an internal marketplace to connect suppliers to supermarkets, make data more reliable and track margins. (Switzerland)
- Mytilimer: implementation of an integrated eprocurement platform and strengthening of the link with suppliers. (France)

Contact us to learn more or for a demo of the platform!

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Transparency-one-header-image full size


When making a purchase, consumers want to know where it was made, how it was made, and its impact on people and the planet. To deliver on these expectations and secure consumer trust, modern businesses must ensure their supply chains are transparent, connected, and compliant with consumer values.

Transparency-One provides a complete platform to transform the way businesses manage their supply chains. We help companies trace their products, increase supplier engagement, and ensure compliant, responsible sourcing. This leads to safer facilities, more sustainable and ethical products, reduced risks, and greater visibility.
• Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability: Map and track supplier, facility, and products from raw material to finished good
• CSR & Compliance Management: Capture certifications, documents, and assessments at any tier in the supply chain
• Real-Time Monitoring & Analytics: Analyze supplier compliance, sustainability KPIs, and supply chain risks

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[xxxxxxx] is an online service that allows wine producers to organize and share their product catalogues and brands.

The service has al-events, with more than 1,400 producers, winemakers, co-opts and traders of all sizes and regions of France.

[xxxxxxx] has been a wine and Internet market player by VINTERNET, a market player in the market since 1995.

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Logo VPS Tech Horizontal GS1


VirtualPackShot- (VPS) is a complete solution for the creation and automated management of virtual (product images) patented and proven to be patented, int-eacute;grant the Standards GS1. This technology offers a flexible service to create, organize and massively disseminate Packshots with a widespread re-activity in employment and all data streams.

The VPS service relies on innovative technology and enables industry in the market; PGC (Consumer Products) to consume independently of the high-quality quality products of the high-quality products, freeing themselves from the constraints of photography. Since the end of 2017, she has been a member and partner of GS1 France.

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XEOLIS, partner of your digitalization


XEOLIS, it-optics' flagship product, is a collaborative saas platform for monitoring, à working on the work and management of land, assets and movements.
The solution includes the main international standards for information exchange (EDI) and information sharing (EPCIS GS1 standard) relating to assets whether or not (transport units can be used for RTI, parcels, assets, assets, resources, deliveries under time , etc.).

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