MARKEM-IMAJE: Marking and processing of products


Markem-Imaje is an expérimenté supplier of complete solutions for supply chains, from production to consumers.

Some suppliers offer marking and coding equipment; others, technologies for identification and product processing. Markem-Imaje is the only supplier to offer end-to-end solutions to streamline printing, optimize packaging operations, connect supply and protect the brand.

We offer the most complete range of industrial marking and coding systems in the industry, perfectly integrated thanks to our identification and processing software, our services and our consumables.

More than 50,000 customers worldwide have called on Markem-Imaje to optimize their coding processes, ensure product compliance, connect their packaging systems and protect their brands.

With several decades of technical experience in the field and the most tense global software and network in the industry, we provide sustainable solutions that add value every step of the product journey. Our commitment à to innovate continuously by focusing on our customers allows us to provide them with cutting-edge technologies, time indicators that can be used to manage, optimize and secure logistics chaîne.

Markem-Imaje does not hold any third-party suppliers. We have the most complete range of coding systems in the industry, perfectly adapted to software, services and consumables and their evolution. Whether you are a local producer or a global manufacturer, whether you want to modernize a single factory or several around the world, part or all of your lines, we help you build a smarter and more connected system.


Solutions Packaging Intelligence
Control of production line marking automation: Optimize printer performance and the efficiency of the entire team with our CoLOS® software suite
Message management: Strengthen the reliability of data and barcodes, as well as the efficiency of production lines through automation and our intuitive WYSIWYG interface
Control by caméras: Guarantee high quality packaging and précis codes, thanks to the vérification of your marking and packaging according to current production, which reduces your withdrawals/recalls
Sérialisation or e-Fingerprint®: Create a unique digital identity, thanks to our non-additive solution, without adding anything à your packaging
Single driver: Directly control your printers and caméras (Markem-Imaje or not) via CoLOS®, it is no longer necessary to develop and take charge of each protocol

Solutions Brand Protection
End to End Tracability / Track and Trace: Get full visibility into the transfer of items through a échange of data and security
Time-to-time authentication: Help customers to confirm product authenticity and receive/share product data
Consumer connect:Help consumers à authenticate products and à engage
Data Intégration: Optimize business operations with personalized information

Marking and coding: Streamline your printing needs with a single vendor
Primary Packaging Coding - Continuous Inkjet, Laser, Heat Transfer Encoder, Thermal Inkjet
Packaging coding at the end of the line - Printing and installation of labels for parcels and pallets, High résolution large character, Inkjet électrovanne large characters, Thermal inkjet

Turnkey projects
Possibility of project management in a global or local way
Local "project" & "field" resources
Custom development
Overall Program Management
Project and field engineering
Customer Service and Technical Support
Global Partner Network

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ETI < à 5000 personnes  

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Assets 1
Fournisseur expérimenté de solutions complètes pour chaînes d’approvisionnement, de la production jusqu’aux consommateurs  
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Imprimantes pour Marquage Codage industriel  
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Logiciels d'automatisation des lignes de production, Sérialisation, Traçabilité, Blockchain, Authentification, Détournement, Protection de la marque  

Target audience

All sizes companies

Activities of software publishers / integraters

ERP commercial management tool
WMS/OMS/WCS logistics management tools
PIM / BIM product information management
MES, Manufacturing Execution System
Image recognition
Blockchain solution
RFID solution


Consumer application

Manufacturers activities

Label publisher and printer
Barcode reading equipment
Printing equipment
RFID equipment
Industrial marking and coding solution
Codebare checker

Consulting activities

Traceability consulting
Supply Chain Management consulting
IT consulting

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Member since 12/7/21

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A 100% subsidiary of the American Dover Group, Markem-Imaje is a global and expaccute;developing manufacturer of identification and product processing solutions, capable of offering a complete range of reliable and innovative printing and application systems, based on inkjet technologies, laser and heat transfer.

Markem-Imaje brings its optimized marking and coding solutions to more than 50,000 customers worldwide. In addition, Markem-Imaje customers can rely on 30 subsidiaries, 6 research and development centers, several equipment maintenance and r&eacute;paration centers, and strategically located manufacturing plants around the world.

In brief...
3000 employees
300 ingots
7 coding technologies
6 research centers
30 subsidiaries

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