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SORGA is a solution created by one of the top 500 companies with a mission in France, specialist in digital innovation in retail: MAP EMULSION.

SORGA makes it possible to authenticate the data collected, to secure it and to make it very easily verifiable for the consumer as well as for the partners of a product.
It is the only 100% French blockchain solution (code, patents, hosting in digital sovereignty) that is also aligned with the environmental challenges of its customers since it works on the most secure and transparent of blockchains (Bitcoin) with very low impact, 100% carbon neutral anchors.

SORGA develops sales of a more responsible consumption by providing Digital Product Passports (DPP) for each unit product (serialized) where commitments, eco-design, sustainability guidelines, second hand or product recycling can appear in several languages.

The brand has a SaaS solution (online) to manage its references, generate its serialized passports, group/unbundle its passports in batches, obtain GS1 augmented QR codes and GS1 Digital Links of each reference as well as those of each product of the same reference. The back office also makes it possible to collect to consult the consumer data collected (GDPR), to retain loyalty by the messaging integrated into passports or to interface its CRM.

Accessible without downloading an application and in a simple way thanks to a QR code present on products and product batches, this innovation allows consumers and partners to easily visualize all their information: commitments, product history. A specific resolver per business is possible for partners.

SORGA makes it possible to regain trust in the brands that deserve it, through transparency, access to the inviolable source of information.
This is what consumers and engaged brands expect.

The web3 solution responds both to the regulatory impacts (transparency, traceability) imposed in the Digital Product Passport, but also counterfeiting, grey market (retail).
It is also what opens up the loyal CRM prospects of tomorrow, with the possibility of associating NFTs or Metaverse access reserved for buyers, and no longer for simple fans of the brand.


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100% souveraineté numérique : codes, brevets et hébergements français  
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Solution blockchain neutre en carbone  
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Simple : pas d'appli, pas de crypto, pas de gouvernance partagée, active en 24h  

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All sizes companies

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Customer management tool (CRM)
PIM / BIM product information management
MES, Manufacturing Execution System
Blockchain solution


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Data management consulting
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