We support our customers in the face of the new challenges of omnichannel and the unification of distribution channels. Taking into account new uses and changing consumer expectations, improving customer experience, switching from personalisation to hyperpersonalization, while optimizing supply chain and taking into account its constraints, are now essential to simplify the customer journey. , better targeting and engaging consumers in a sustainable way and ensuring customer promise.

In this context, our consultants are involved in topics around CRM, e-Commerce, PIM, Digital-in-Store, digital marketing but also Omni-Supply.

Univers Retail is present in the Ile de France and on the Northern Region with resources of proximity. In 2003, the company had a turnover of 8.4 million euros in 2019 and had about 60 employees from the rational op-eacute (8.4 million euros). Council (20%) to support our customers from a variety of business sectors: pure players, travel retail, BtoB, food distribution and specialties, cosmetics, DIY, fashion and department stores.

The Omni-Supply is the ability of a brand to rethink its Supply Chain End-to-End in an omnichannel approach, in order to optimize availability; product regardless of the channel of purchase used by the consumer and thus guarantee the customer promise.

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Univers Retail is an independent management and strategic management and strategic consulting firm in the BtoB and BtoC distribution sector. We support the major brands of the definition of their strategy until its rational decline. We are known for the quality of our interventions, listening with enthusiasm, pragmatism and concern for the success of the result.

Experts in Retail BtoB and BtoC, our employees come partly from the senior management of major brands in the market; and partly from consulting firms.

This mixit-eacute brings you high vision and creativity; while guaranteeing you the consideration of your rational constraints in a pragmatic, focused approach on results.

Benevolence, independence, pragmatism and sharing are the values shared by all Universe Retail employees.

Choosing Univers Retail means opting for a proximity accompaniment; privileged a pragmatic approach, based on field knowledge, agility and innovation;

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