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Arjo Solutions

Le Bourget-du-Lac

Arjo Solutions, an expert in security, designs and provides physical and digital solutions for identifying, authenticating and processing products and documents to enable its customers to fight fraud, counterfeiting and marketability.

Accompanying governments and private companies for more than 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major player in trademark protection, tax collection and protection of identity documents.

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At the service of the Agro-Food Industries


To become a committed and citizen company, while optimizing your development, AGROTEC offers you personalized support for your DIGITAL TRACEABILITY projects

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atrify logo


Thanks to our solutions and services, our thousands of customers across 60 countries are able to change reliable and high-quality product information within their communities; partners and with regulatory organizations, via our cloud platform and data pool certified; GDSN

Our solution allows companies to simplify their management process and exchange information, including for digital assets (images, documents).

As a leader in the services offered to health stakeholders, atrify is the only company that combines access to the GDSN with a direct connector to euDAMED regulatory agencies and GUDID (the FDA's regulatory database).

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SCM logo RVB grand


Founded in 2002 in Paris, Supply Chain Masters® supports SMEs and mid-caps in their logistics and supply chain projects throughout the France.

In more than 20 years, we have carried out more than 250 missions in all sectors of activity.

We always start with an inventory of the organization, processes, information system and logistics performance in order to provide the business manager or the CoDir:

- a clear vision of the strengths and weaknesses of its Supply Chain
- relevant recommendations

By consulting us, you will benefit from a strong expertise applied to all Supply Chain trades as well as a pragmatic approach to improving your operational performance.

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AURES logo Linkedin
AURES Technologies and AURES LAB


Créé in 1989 and coté on Euronext since 1999, AURES Technologies is an IT manufacturer of mattérielles, digital and application solutions for all sectors of the Point of Sale.
The AURES Group has a global presence, with a headquarters in France, subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the USA (AURES Technologies Inc and Retail Technology Group - RTG*), Tunisia (LST**) as well as a network of partners, distributors and resellers implanted in more than 60 other countries.
*La société américaine Retail Technology Group Inc (RTG) is a major player across the Atlantic in IT services and POS (hardware & software) maintenance.
** The Tunisian company LST (Leader Touch Solution) is the Group's development unit in terms of middleware and digital applications

Transversal and complementary to the Group's activities, the offer of the INNOVATION Division (AURES LAB) aims to support Brands and Service Points in their évolutions and transformations liées à the mobilité, digital and à the omni-channel; it includes an exclusive RFID solution for the global processing of products, which makes it possible to track them individually, from their manufacture to their marketing in stores, to manage and optimize their flows and stocks - and to track and process in a timely manner the sensitive or strategic data relating thereto.

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Authentification et traçabilité des produits


Notre solution technologique d’authentification et de traçabilité des produits durables : marquage physique unique, liée à un passeport numérique, a nécessité 4 ans de R&D.

Après une première collaboration fructueuse en 2020 dans le cadre du “coup de pouce vélo”, l’Etat nous renouvelle sa confiance en 2021. Mandatés en partenariat avec IN Group (imprimerie nationale), nous mettons à disposition notre blockchain privée pour assurer l’enregistrement des vélos neufs, rendu obligatoire depuis janvier 2021, dans le FNUCI (Fichier National Unique des cycles Identifiés). À ce jour, plus d’1,5 millions de vélos ont été enregistrés grâce à notre technologie brevetée.

Aujourd'hui des entreprises des secteurs du design, du mobilier, de la joaillerie, de la mobilité et du sport nous font confiance pour proposer à leur clients des produits certifiés et reliés à un passeport numérique inviolable et infalsifiable.

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yzr logo logo-sablier-top-bleufonce-outline (1)
Automatic qualitying of product data


YZR is a SaaS tool that allows you to:
- Automatically standardize with artificial intelligence the data re&e¸ues by your partners, suppliers and internal data for the réécrire in a homogène and standard way
- Créer à la volée grâce à l'intelligence des attributs produit à partir des descriptions pour mieux qualifier et catégoriser vos produits ou même pour créer finer analyses de vos ventes / stocks
- Collaborate with your internal teams and suppliers / partners / customers by sharing the automatic qualitying of your data

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Capture d’écran 2021-05-04 à 08
Axicon - Barcodes Confirmity Control


How can you ensure that the barcodes you print to identify and trace your products will be readable by all your business partners once they leave your factory and how do you ensure that the data is properly encoded?

Axicon has been the world leader in the quality of bar codes for more than 40 years, and is the only expert manufacturer present live on the market.

With its expertise "codes and agrave; "bars" unique and recognized in the industry, Axicon develops and manufactures equipment of compliance and bars and accompanies the establishment and implementation of your control-work system.

Major players in retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, printing, agri-food, etc. Axicon trust their control of the barcode quality.

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iXPath is née in 2013, founded by a team of experts in the dématérialisation / intégration /management of B2B flows (EDI/EAI), totalling more than 20 years of experience in this field.
iXPath has several 1st plan partners, present on 3 continents and offers 24/7 support in different languages.
iXPath is an iPaaS solution that facilitates the digitization of flows with all types of partners, ERP, mobile applications, connected objects and web platforms.

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logo def S2P noir
B2P Connect


For more than 16 years, we have been supporting our customers in their digital transformation. We dématérialis;rialis;rialize the sharing of information of more than 20,000 actors of the Supply Chain in Europe with:

Dès on September 16th, find all our solutions on our new digital solutions portal [xxxxxxx] .

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B4Food / BP Trace


B4Food is a SaaS traceability solution based on an eco-responsible blockchain offering increased security and data durability.
Our paperless solution makes it possible to digitize manufacturing processes, controls such as HACCP, etc. .. A tablet application whose interface is customized for each operator simplifies data entry.
At the end of the process, the solution makes it possible to trace all the manufacturing steps of a product including the products composing it.

Consumers are increasingly expecting transparency on the origins, stages of products and CSR procedures. Our application makes it possible to generate QR Code in the augmented format recommended by the GS1 and to share the information collected during internal traceability operations.

Data sharing between actors via API is also a component of our solution.

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Copy of LOGO Viziotix  RBG
Barcode scanning by camera!


Viziotix provides an expert barcode scanner software library for enterprise applications. The library can be integrated into applications and solutions that run on any camera-equipped smart device. This professional software allows fast and accurate scanning of barcodes to ensure the highest efficiency of any barcode process. The software is able to scan many codes per image and also decode barcodes that are difficult to read. Typical applications include inventory counting, planogram compliance, self-service scanning, and mobile payment. Typical devices include smartphones and robotic or automated scanning solutions.

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Bibus png


In a context of open markets and excessive competition, the hunt for non-compliance is one of the priorities.

Reaching out to non-conforming z-eacute is the goal of every industrialist.

You are on permanent standby: production management, formula management, storage, logistics, tra-ccedil;
You should pay as much attention to environmental and safety regulations as you do to documentation requirements.
You are mobilized by implementing corrective and preventable actions, as well as monitoring their effectiveness;

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Biotopia RVB

La Garenne-Colombes

BIOTOPIA supports the actors of the Bio sector to structure, develop and be known by solutions recognized by all market players.

Indeed, 90% of the players in the organic industry use at least 1 of our solutions.

After more than 10 years, our rôle has become central, we participate à the transformation of the organic market.

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Logo 4cm


OLANEO CONSULTING is a company of IT Service spécialiséeacute;e in consulting and expertise around échanges of information B to B and more particularly in EDI technologies.

Founded in 2005, the société, située à La Défense, now has about twenty experts in this field.

As part of its relationships with its customers, OLANEO CONSULTING today has beautiful references in the retail and logistics sectors, with among others Auchan, Le Bon Marché, Krys, Moët Hennessy, Seb, Geodis… We réalis missions of advice of EDI framing, choice of solution, organization and déploiement EDI, as well as technical expertise on différentes EDI solutions of the marketé, and the monitoring / maintenance opérational flows both on site and à distance.

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Buyerdock - The Automatic Triman Logo Generator


Buyerdock is a technology platform for brands.

By simply scanning the 2D barcode (QR) visible on the packaging, consumers will have easy access to product-related content through a web application without the need to download or create an account.

Buyerdock enables brands to create new messaging through GS1-powered 2D-QR barcodes printed on packaging, including the recycled Triman logo and text required by article 13 of the AGEC law.

These next-generation barcodes offer a range of expanded features that help businesses meet a wide range of complex needs by instantly connecting consumers to real-time dynamic content when scanning a smartphone.

As of January 1, 2023, new European laws require all consumer products sold in France and Italy to provide recycling information in the local language. All wine sold in the EU in 2023 require a QR code to offer the consumer more information, such as allergens and nutrition.

To help meet this challenge, any brand hosting product information on the Buyerdock app will have the ability to update or release new information to their consumers directly through the 2D-QR barcode.

Key benefits include:

* Brands can quickly and easily comply with new laws and respond to changing regulatory requirements in global markets - especially recycling (triman and text for article 13 French circular economy and European wine law)

* Manufacturers have the ability to build direct relationships with customers through an array of digitally stored information, including recycling, sustainability, nutrition, promotions, social media, certifications, and more.

* Cost effective for businesses of all sizes - every product barcode is free with web app access from £1 per month

* Reduced packaging costs - information can be stored and delivered digitally, reducing packaging, costs and environmental impact

* Simplicity and efficiency - one interface for all communication requirements in all markets, helping to reduce brand overhead

* Easy access for customers via QR code scan on smartphone, no app download or registration required (see attached images)

* Provides reliable information, including allergens and nutrition, which helps make products more accessible to consumers

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Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 13
Capture data from barcodes


Scandit Smart Data Capture enables smart devices to capture data from barcodes, text, identifiers and objects to automate and provide insights into any customer process.

Unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence with Smart Data Capture.

Scandit Smart Data Capture enables smart devices to capture data from barcodes, text, identifiers and objects to automate and provide insights into any customer process.

Why choose Scandit

- A competitive advantage
Our innovative solution allows you to achieve economies of scale and retain your employees and customers.

- A competitive advantage
Our innovative solution allows you to achieve economies of scale and retain your employees and customers.

- A top accompaniment
We are your partner from end to end and at every stage, from the testing phase to production, through the design and integration of the solution.

- Transformed companies
Organizations from many industries benefit from Scandit's advantage. Our intelligent data capture software reduces costs and increases productivity, while improving the customer and employee experience.

More than 2,000 customers from all over the world trust us

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20210706 Logo CASedi Transparent 200x50


CASedi offers you its know-how in setting up your EDIs.

We are there to accompany you by advice, both functional and technical, in reacute, or by offering you EDI solutions 'closed; in hand'.

CASedi is also a training organization recognized for its expertise in the fields of EDI-EAI. Our history has our extensive expertise in the CGI TradeXpress software of geneRIX and we support our clients in both the migration of existing systems and the implementation of new EDI-EAI infrastructures.

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LOGO Keep-control
Challenge your CSR policy


Too much PPE is used on a daily basis, while it does not comply with regulatory requirements, the recommendations of use of manufacturers. Keep Control provides a global response to work safely from the identification of equipment, the exchange of useful information, the monitoring of their compliance to recycling.
Management becomes simple, even when devices are used while roaming.
Objective: to consume less PPE and better use it for increased safety of wearers.

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logo officiel cipam
CIPAM Traceability and Connected Solutions


For 30 years, CIPAM, a pioneer in the use of RAIN RFID technologies, has been creating, developing and integrating tailor-made traceability and flow management solutions for all types of industry. CIPAM supports companies in their digital transformation to improve data collection, simplify operations and increase visibility to optimize performance and secure processes.
Member of RAIN RFID, GS1 and intervening with AFNOR for standardization work, our expertise adapts to all levels of maturity from the technological audit to the supply of equipment and maintenance in operational conditions through the supply and development of the most suitable business software.

For 30 years, CIPAM, pioneer of RFID technologies, creates, develops and integrates turnkey solutions for mobility, traceability and identification for industry.
CIPAM helps its customers in data gathering through its factories using RAIN RFID and other technologies. We provide advise them about what changes can be made in organization, which equipment should be applied, what kind of connectivity deploy with existing systems and all the relative services implement.
CIPAM's team is made up of experienced women and men who have been working in the traceability or flow management field for several years and constantly innovating to find the best solutions.

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