In a context of open markets and excessive competition, the hunt for non-compliance is one of the priorities.

Reaching out to non-conforming z-eacute is the goal of every industrialist.

You are on permanent standby: production management, formula management, storage, logistics, tra-ccedil;
You should pay as much attention to environmental and safety regulations as you do to documentation requirements.
You are mobilized by implementing corrective and preventable actions, as well as monitoring their effectiveness;

Always with the aim of protecting your marking: to ensure the ability of your products and to have a non-destructive control, BIBUS France offers you:

- 1D/2D barcode readers
-Industrial vision systems (optical management, measurement, OCR,...)
- Barcode Certification (LVS 95XX printing and engraving system; inspection system for your integrated labels in ZEBRA ZT610 and 620 printers that are available to ISO Standards and Standards of applications.
- Service for 1D/2D barcode analysis
- Collaborative Robotics (Integrated Vision)
- Mobile Robotics LD and HD

It's important to step back to stay one step ahead!


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