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Arjo Solutions, an expert in security, designs and provides physical and digital solutions for identifying, authenticating and processing products and documents to enable its customers to fight fraud, counterfeiting and marketability.

Accompanying governments and private companies for more than 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major player in trademark protection, tax collection and protection of identity documents.


Our positioning and difference in the market is based on several major axes:

A 200-year history and experience in security in 2000 with Arjowiggins Security, a leader in the manufacture of security documents for official documents (bank tickets, visas, passports, passports, passports, Arjo Solutions has been one of the pioneers of trademark protection by adapting security technologies, which are used in banknotes. and applying good associated practices (combination of different levels of security) to the protection of products and documents.
Our goal: to increase revenues and protect our customers' brands Our customers suffer from image problems, loss of revenue or margin related to counterfeiting or parallel markets. Our technological solutions help solve these problems. In a sector where the offer of protection solutions is plecute and thoracic, we never forget this objective and design solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, which allow to sustainably reduce savings. Our teams are made up of experts in the problems of counterfeiting and parallel markets on the different industries for which we work and technical experts. This combination allows us to develop efficient and efficient solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
Bespoke and innovative solutions thanks to our development-in-developer model. Our model of developer-in-developer is unique within the security industry. We make it a point of honour to design and provide innovative products and solutions in the market, tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers. By offering our customers a unique protection solution, we are making the system even more complex for the most mature counterfeiters and strengthening the effectiveness of our solutions. We have, among other things, developed our own authentication and tra-ccedil solutions; for example Signoptic-trade; Depending on the needs of our customers, we can combine our own solutions with additional security components developed in collaboration with our partners. Our technological experience and research and development teams allow us to stay ahead of the curve and offer the most innovative solutions to our customers.
We deliver complete solutions, close in hand. We have a very wide range of products that allow us to authenticate both the products but also their packaging, adding or not safety elements. We combine our product authentication solutions with our track-track-trace offer. This enables us to provide the most complete safety solutions in the industry, protecting the product from manufacturing to the end consumer. Finally, the Quality of The Quality and security of all our processes, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international standard of quality, for the design, industrialization, operation and production of Signoptic-trade technology.

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