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How can you ensure that the barcodes you print to identify and trace your products will be readable by all your business partners once they leave your factory and how do you ensure that the data is properly encoded?

Axicon has been the world leader in the quality of bar codes for more than 40 years, and is the only expert manufacturer present live on the market.

With its expertise "codes and agrave; "bars" unique and recognized in the industry, Axicon develops and manufactures equipment of compliance and bars and accompanies the establishment and implementation of your control-work system.

Major players in retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, printing, agri-food, etc. Axicon trust their control of the barcode quality.


Barcoder system range: EAN-13, GS1-128, Data Matrix, QR Code
S-eacute;rie 6025-S - S-eacute;rie 6525-S - S-eacute;rie 7025-S for lin-eacute code
S-eacute;rie 15200 - S-eacute;rie 15500 for 1D and 2D codes
S-eacute;rie 12900 for DPM codes

Barcode training
Consistent audit delivery; barcodes
Analysis of barcodes

Nouveaux standards

QR code augmenté GS1

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Barcode training  
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Barcode compliance audit service  
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Barcode sample analysis  

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Barcode reading equipment
Codebare checker

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