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Buyerdock is a technology platform for brands.

By simply scanning the 2D barcode (QR) visible on the packaging, consumers will have easy access to product-related content through a web application without the need to download or create an account.

Buyerdock enables brands to create new messaging through GS1-powered 2D-QR barcodes printed on packaging, including the recycled Triman logo and text required by article 13 of the AGEC law.

These next-generation barcodes offer a range of expanded features that help businesses meet a wide range of complex needs by instantly connecting consumers to real-time dynamic content when scanning a smartphone.

As of January 1, 2023, new European laws require all consumer products sold in France and Italy to provide recycling information in the local language. All wine sold in the EU in 2023 require a QR code to offer the consumer more information, such as allergens and nutrition.

To help meet this challenge, any brand hosting product information on the Buyerdock app will have the ability to update or release new information to their consumers directly through the 2D-QR barcode.

Key benefits include:

* Brands can quickly and easily comply with new laws and respond to changing regulatory requirements in global markets - especially recycling (triman and text for article 13 French circular economy and European wine law)

* Manufacturers have the ability to build direct relationships with customers through an array of digitally stored information, including recycling, sustainability, nutrition, promotions, social media, certifications, and more.

* Cost effective for businesses of all sizes - every product barcode is free with web app access from £1 per month

* Reduced packaging costs - information can be stored and delivered digitally, reducing packaging, costs and environmental impact

* Simplicity and efficiency - one interface for all communication requirements in all markets, helping to reduce brand overhead

* Easy access for customers via QR code scan on smartphone, no app download or registration required (see attached images)

* Provides reliable information, including allergens and nutrition, which helps make products more accessible to consumers


Buyerdock is a digital solution that automatically provides the following via an app once the products are uploaded to the platform:-

* Compliant triman logo per SKU
* Compliant Italian recycling logo per SKU
* Article 13 Text in accordance with the AGEC law
* EU CAP regulations for wine sold in the EU

* Read the brands sustainable story
* Allergens
* Ingredients
* Nutrition
* Brand history
* Promotions
* Links to social networks
* Certificates
* How to guides

Buyerdock is a GS1 compliant website delivering 2D barcodes via digital link. By using Buyerdock, brands will be ready for the transition from linear barcodes to 2D barcodes.

Company's information

Year of foundation
Company size
PME < à 250 personnes  

Target audience

Jewelry, watchmaking
Home furnishing
Fresh products
Mass market products
Wines and spirits


Assets 1
Génération automatique des logos triman  
Assets 2
Génération automatique des logos de recyclage italiens  
Assets 3
Code-barres 2D avec application pour les consommateur  

Target audience

All sizes companies

Activities of software publishers / integraters

Dematerialization tool
Files management tool (GED)
WMS/OMS/WCS logistics management tools
PIM / BIM product information management


Consumer application

Manufacturers activities

Label publisher and printer
Codebare checker

About the partner

Buyerdock Ltd

Member since 2/1/23

A propos

Buyerdock is a sophisticated database-driven online solution enabling brands to present expansive information about their products. Through partnering with GS1, Buyerdock enables brand owners to download 2D-QR codes with ease.

These 2D-QR codes can then be printed on product packaging, meeting not only retailers’ in-store requirements, but also enhancing the consumer product experience. By simply scanning the 2D-QR code with a smartphone, consumers will have convenient, instant access to expansive product content via a Web-app without having to download or register.

Buyerdock has met compliance with the following GS1 standards:

• GS1 identification keys
Items: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

• GS1 Digital Link
The product can encode GS1 Digital Link into appropriate data carriers
The product can generate/utilise GS1 Digital Link URI

• GS1 Web Vocabulary
The product can add structured data about an item to a website using the GS1 web vocabulary, so that the item details are machine readable

Buyerdock is a self-service platform

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