Buyerdock Ltd

Londres, United Kingdom


Buyerdock is a sophisticated database-driven online solution enabling brands to present expansive information about their products. Through partnering with GS1, Buyerdock enables brand owners to download 2D-QR codes with ease.

These 2D-QR codes can then be printed on product packaging, meeting not only retailers’ in-store requirements, but also enhancing the consumer product experience. By simply scanning the 2D-QR code with a smartphone, consumers will have convenient, instant access to expansive product content via a Web-app without having to download or register.

Buyerdock has met compliance with the following GS1 standards:

• GS1 identification keys
Items: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

• GS1 Digital Link
The product can encode GS1 Digital Link into appropriate data carriers
The product can generate/utilise GS1 Digital Link URI

• GS1 Web Vocabulary
The product can add structured data about an item to a website using the GS1 web vocabulary, so that the item details are machine readable

Buyerdock is a self-service platform

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