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Supply chain Traceability & Transparency Platform


Tilkal is an innovative supply chain traceability platform for manufacturers and brands, with several million products traced every year worldwide and in a variety of sectors.

Our mission is to solve the critical problem of supply chain opacity, in order to make supply chains more resilient, compliant, transparent and sustainable.

Tilkal offers the most advanced technology platform on the market to address this critical challenge, providing the traceability, transparency and auditing capabilities needed to:

- Collect and aggregate operational, environmental and social data,
- Establish a structured dialogue with all upstream and downstream stakeholders,
- Prove origin and impact from raw materials to finished products,
- Analyze and assess risks,
- Demonstrate compliance from origin to shipment, e.g. for EUDR (European Union Regulation Against Deforestation),
- Create digital product passports for internal or external use (B2B or B2C).

Tilkal accompanies more than 25 major global companies and brands in their traceability journey, including Danone, Groupe Savencia, Longchamp, Aigle, Eramet, BUT and Valrhona, to name but a few. They use Tilkal to trace supply chains spanning Europe, China, India, Peru and Côte d'Ivoire.

By building a strong link between supply chain and sustainability through our technology, Tilkal gives tomorrow's industry leaders a significant competitive edge.

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symphony eyc


SYMPHONY EYC is dedicated to improving 100% of improving and improving retail and wholesale trade.

We are the world's leading provider of retail solutions.

100% of our customers operate in the retail and wholesale markets 100% of our technology is designed for retail and wholesale trading 100% of our resources are invested in retail and wholesale trade. SYMPHONY EYC's modular approach offers rapid return on investment, unrivalled integration of business processes and extensive 50 stores and 1,100 stores.

Our employees are retail and wholesale specialists who have been implementing their experience for more than 20 years.

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Technologies at the service of the supply chain


TRIMBLE is a group that implements innovative telematics technologies for the optimization of truck fleets and more generally, the sharing of real-time information flows between the various players in the logistics chain worldwide.

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TEKLYNX Standard Company Logo@10x
TEKLYNX International


EKLYNX International is the world's leading software and software labeling barcode and RFID.

Innovative and constantly in the industry for more than 30 years, TEKLYNX offers easy-to-use barcode-labeling solutions for any type of business and industry. Optimize your labeling processes, while remaining the cutting edge of industrial conformity and new regulations.

TEKLYNX's reliable and robust software is easy to integrate into any existing process.

TEKLYNX is recognized around the world for its customer service, and offers flexible purchasing options, strong support and service, and a co-owned product offering that supports companies in their growth.

TEKLYNX International is present in Europe, the United States, Latin America, China, Japan and Singapore. More than 630,000 companies in more than 120 countries are turning to TEKLYNX's integrated software solutions for success.

Local Technical Support
Partner Microsoft Gold Certified and Oracle Gold Partner

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KatalX Logo With Tagline
The Next-Gen Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt

KatalX is a Trusted Supply Chain Visibility Platform, combining Advanced Visibility & Collaboration powered by Trusted Analytics. We focus on Vital Supply Chains (Pharma/Biotech/MedTech), featured by High Value/High Stakes/High Complexity. KatalX is designed to help Shippers get full control over their supply chain end-to-end, while collaborating with 3PLs/Carriers/Customers.

Our Vision: Serving the patient and preserving our planet by catalyzing the emergence of trusted supply chains.
We believe that Technology can be a powerful force for Good in the Business world IF it fosters Trust between business partners and society.

Sustainability is in our DNA
We selected 4 SDGs on which KatalX could have a meaningful impact within the Life Science ecosystem:
o SDG3 (Good Health and Well-being), by helping work on Total Product Integrity, zero-excursion, reducing waste/loss/counterfeit
o SDG 13 (Climate change), by helping with granular Carbon Tracking in logistics
o SDG 12 (Circular Economy), by facilitating Reverse Logistics
o SDG17 (Partnership for the Goal), by fostering collaboration across the ecosystem

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ARMOR-IIMAK logo horizontal digital-blue
Thermal Transfer printing for traceability data


We develop, manufacture and market Thermal Transfer ribbons to print variable information in a reliable and competitive way on a all label and flexible packaging materials, to satisfy the needs of all industries.

Thermal Transfer is most widely used technology for printing barcodes, QR codes, Datamatrix codes, serial numbers, expiry dates, logos...

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Tiflex is present in 4 markets: Identification identification coding, screenwriting and digital printing, Registration and signaling of vehicles, stationery items.

It is as experts that we offer and support our customers. Designers and builders of our inkjet printers since 1996, manufacturers of adapted inks, we develop and produce under QSE certification.

Our exclusive partnerships with Hitachi and Macsa allow us to offer comprehensive solutions, in all branding projects, whether they are in goal or at the end of the line.

Tiflex is a commercial and technical team throughout France as well as a distribution network around the world. Tiflex offers its training, maintenance and customization services to ensure a high standard of ability and optimal use of printers.

Tiflex is certified by QSE according to the ISO 9001 v2008, ISO 14001 v2004 and OHSAS 18001 v2007 for all of its activities.

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TimCOD's goal is to enable companies to optimize their operations and information flows by de-finishing and implementing high-return-on-investment solutions.

Computerization of mobile activities:

The interior of the company: logisticians, order preparers, coaches, dock personnel, production tjechnician... for third-party transport, logistics, agri-food, distribution...
The company's exterior: drivers, delivery drivers, maintenance technicians, auctioneers, professionals in the company, sales forces, merchandisers... and any computer-connected information system
With more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobility; and with a client portfolio of 2,000 companies, Timcod is now recognized as one of the French leaders in the market for mobile computing solutions. With a turnover of 8.5 million euros; and a workforce of 45 people, Timcod is positioning itself as a major player in its market.

Pre-agrave; Nantes, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Tunis and Algiers, Timcod accompanies its clients in all the "eacutes of their project: pre-sales advice, financing, training, int-eacute;gration, accommodation or rental, maintenance in efficient condition and SAV, recovery of fleet and valuation.

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tolede 247x193


In 1980, TOLEDE® developed and markets integrated management software packages that address sectors with strong constraints, the availability of information and the quality of applications are crucial.

For many 40 years, in these different areas of activity, our goal has been to provide a complete solution, both métier and technical, that effectively meets the daily needs of our customers. Easy à déployer, our solutions are equipped with intuitive and ergonomic operation as well as a rich and adapted functional coverage. Working with a single database, they interface with the main software of the market and are available in acquisition mode (on premise) or in service mode (Saas).

Today TOLEDE® équipe more than 110 companies in France and Europe. A complete IT solution through a diéeacute;e with compétences in systemème;eacute;riel, a technical and software solution éproute;eacute;eacute;e,eacute;e,eacute;eéeéeéeacute;eéeacute;eéeacute;eéeéeé , support and complete implementation (software, hardware architecture and bucket).

Our solutions work with the ORACLEées database. The ORACLE® certification of our ingénieurs is a guarantee of a level of compétence élevé in terms of integration of solutions, associated services and support.

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LinkedIn 300 x 300 2x
Traceability, Anti-counterfeiting and Direct Marke


Strategic decision-making tools.
Patented anti-counterfeiting technology.
Simple and ergonomic interface and user experience.
More than 10 years of experience managing QR codes for Fortune 2000 companies and SMBs.
Flexible platform that can cover QR use cases ranging from compliance with new packaging and traceability laws to anti-counterfeiting.
A specialized team that can help you implement solutions locally and globally.

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FQL macaron noir 230x170
Traceability, Transparency and Customer Engagement


Frequentiel publishes 2 SAAS solutions.
* OCTO+ Retail, allows retailers to optimize their logistics and stock management in warehouses and stores thanks to RFID technology.

* OCTO+ iWay, allows producers to meet new consumer expectations in terms of transparency and circularity as well as new regulations (AGEC Law and Digital Product Passport for fashion, Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 for wines and Spirit).

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Transparency-one-header-image full size


When making a purchase, consumers want to know where it was made, how it was made, and its impact on people and the planet. To deliver on these expectations and secure consumer trust, modern businesses must ensure their supply chains are transparent, connected, and compliant with consumer values.

Transparency-One provides a complete platform to transform the way businesses manage their supply chains. We help companies trace their products, increase supplier engagement, and ensure compliant, responsible sourcing. This leads to safer facilities, more sustainable and ethical products, reduced risks, and greater visibility.
• Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability: Map and track supplier, facility, and products from raw material to finished good
• CSR & Compliance Management: Capture certifications, documents, and assessments at any tier in the supply chain
• Real-Time Monitoring & Analytics: Analyze supplier compliance, sustainability KPIs, and supply chain risks

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In the development of digital solutions for automotive sales players, The LACOUR Group is a real success in the automotive world and, at its closest to the expectations of professionals, has established itself in the market with a full range of IT products and services.

Beyond its historic federal party, the LACOUR Group has built its notoried; on products where co-iuml always coincide technological innovation and ergonomics: management of the paint station, graphics; the eacute; the encryption of port-eacute; image integration, tra-ccedil; ability of files; files , intelligent servers, responsive design, mobile applications, hellip;

Our third parties consist of agrave; create solutions to manage claims, organize body shops, enhance the costs of repairing or maintaining automobile vehicles, and addressing all players in the sector: insurers, renters, experts, manufacturers, dealers, bodybuilders,

In addition to the Services, Innovation and Digital Cores are WEB technologies, mobile applications, 3D modeling, and automotive data bases. At the cost of its customers, the LACOUR Group offers ever more diverse and efficient tools to move towards mobility. In the spirit of continuous innovation, we are committed to providing solutions that are in line with your needs and concerns.

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logo copy


Indible since October 1, 2016, under this new name, we will operate all of the eacute/electronic exchange services under the name Accelya.

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting our clients in their electronic billing, their development and the price of these electronic exchanges with their business partners.

We have acquired expertise and experience in the processing of electronic messages of all kinds: product catalogues, purchase orders, reservations in real time, notices of expeditiousness, electronic invoices, payment notices, etc.

Through our solutions, these messages are re-produced, co-associated, archived, translated and sent to their recipients. They are made available to different parties through web portals or Web Service, while developing a strong partnership over many years with our customers.

Our solutions are now used by companies of all sectors of activity; and of all sizes (multinational companies, large groups, user communities, TPE/SMEs).

Clear'Invoice, our international electronic billing service, is used by more than 150 customers and 18,000 of their business partners in a wide variety of sectors:

ADA, Paris-Rhine-Rh-ocirc(APRR) Motorways, Avexia Voyages, Budget Reviews, Best Western, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Demos, Depann 2000, Dilicom, Fram, Hertz, Hotel Corporate System, Kuoni, Les Taxis Bleus, Mondial Assistance, Mutuaide Assistance, Renault Rent, TourCom Travel Management, Ucar, Yves Rocher / Rocher Group ...

Learn more: [xxxxxxx]

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VIF: your software solution

La Chapelle-sur-Erdre

VIF conçoit, développe;déploit;ploit;ploise innovative software solutions to support SMEs and industrial process mid-caps in the execution and improvement of their opérational performance.

Our ERP, MES and Supply Chain Planning software solutions digitize and support the 3 clés growth and industrial compétitivit;eacute; processes: anticipation, management and execution.

These strategic, commercial and opérational performance solutions meet the challenges of the process and consumer products industries in the demanding sectors of agri-food, health, beauté and well-circ;tread; , chemistry…
They have been a reference in all the sectors of the agri-food industry for 40 years.

Basée à Nantes, VIF advises, équipe;quipe;et accompanies the digital transformation and industrial performance of more than 600 sites and 14,000 users in France and abroad, with strong partnerships in Romania, Morocco and Brésil.

VIF has a turnover of 23 million euros in 2020 with a workforce of more than 230 people.

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logo Baqio


Simplified administrative management

VINOSOFT has all the necessary functions; the day-to-day management of your winery. You can finish your products, prices, stocks and create customer orders. This makes it easy to track experiences, billings and receipts.

To go further

VINOSOFT is customizable software. Depending on your needs, you can enrich the software for your complete modules: Point of sale, E-commerce site, food, commercial representatives, APIs

Accessible everywhere, all the time.

Whether you're on Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone, at home or in placement, you can log in online to your account and access in a way that you're on a secure amount of data.

No installation is required: Our solution is accessible from a web browser, there is no software to install.

Automatic updates: New features are built directly to the software, without any damage.

Inset safeguards: All your data is saved automatically every night.

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[xxxxxxx] is an online service that allows wine producers to organize and share their product catalogues and brands.

The service has al-events, with more than 1,400 producers, winemakers, co-opts and traders of all sizes and regions of France.

[xxxxxxx] has been a wine and Internet market player by VINTERNET, a market player in the market since 1995.

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Logo VPS Tech Horizontal GS1


VirtualPackShot- (VPS) is a complete solution for the creation and automated management of virtual (product images) patented and proven to be patented, int-eacute;grant the Standards GS1. This technology offers a flexible service to create, organize and massively disseminate Packshots with a widespread re-activity in employment and all data streams.

The VPS service relies on innovative technology and enables industry in the market; PGC (Consumer Products) to consume independently of the high-quality quality products of the high-quality products, freeing themselves from the constraints of photography. Since the end of 2017, she has been a member and partner of GS1 France.

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Werber Marking Systemes France SAS


Recognized leader and specialist in the market for product tagging, marking and identification, Weber Marking Systems, a subsidiary of an international group, offers one of the most complete ranges of equipment, consumables and services: from simple labeling to automatic printing/installation, inkjet, laser, label and consumable markings.

Through its European research and development centre, innovative systems are continually developed, allowing them to adapt to the ever-changing market and regulations. For more than 50 years, the Bluhm Weber Group has developed innovative inkjet systems, making it the only manufacturer in the world to order 3 centralized printing technologies.

Weber Marking Systems offers quality equipment, design and manufacturing in Germany. Its knowledge is recognized worldwide by the largest companies.

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WEEXA: B2B/EDI flow expert


Weexa is a spécialisé group in the digitization of B2B flows (EDI/EAI). Beyond this core of métier, Weexa has been able to develop new activities since the end of the 2000s, such as the integration of WMS/TMS type supply chain solutions but also ERP such as Odoo, the integration of data integration in SAP and finally support activities and TMA (third-party application maintenance) in « nearshore » in different countries where the group is involved.

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