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TRIMBLE is a group that implements innovative telematics technologies for the optimization of truck fleets and more generally, the sharing of real-time information flows between the various players in the logistics chain worldwide.


. On-board computers CarCube, Truck4U
. Mobility solutions for digital transport, document dematerialization, e-CMR
. Mobile apps for smartphones, PDAs or rugged tablets
. Management of social tachograph data: Solid software referenced by the Ministry of Labour
. Calculation of prepay, monitoring & planning of drivers' absences and road costs
. Performance module for eco-driving analysis, consumption monitoring and calculation of CO2 emissions
. Dashcam Video Intelligence via a portal that analyzes 24/365 and monitors security images
. TRANSPOREON visibility platform to manage the allocation of Shippers / Carriers flows.
. Carbon Visibility portal for accurate measurement of emissions from different modes of transport.
. Market Insights analytical base: daily measurement of freight trade in Europe.
. Integration via API with the back-office solutions of the Supply Chain galaxy.

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Activities of software publishers / integraters

Files management tool (GED)
WMS/OMS/WCS logistics management tools
(TMS) transport management system
MES, Manufacturing Execution System

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