Traceability, Transparency and Customer Engagement


Frequentiel publishes 2 SAAS solutions.
* OCTO+ Retail, allows retailers to optimize their logistics and stock management in warehouses and stores thanks to RFID technology.

* OCTO+ iWay, allows producers to meet new consumer expectations in terms of transparency and circularity as well as new regulations (AGEC Law and Digital Product Passport for fashion, Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 for wines and Spirit).


* OCTO+ Retail, provides a set of services and technologies allowing users to gain reliability and efficiency on their operations. Allowing them to devote more time to their real job, advising the customer.
-Monitoring of Omni-channel logistics flows

* OCTO+ iWay is a SAAS platform hosting a traceability database allowing tracking to the production batch or serialized part. The solution is compliant with the Digital link standard and hosts a redirection service for an optimized customer experience. Your product becomes, thanks to the digital link, your best communication tool with your customers and allows you to offer them new services.
- Digitalization of products
- Traceability to batch or serialized part
- Marking products with a Digital Link
- Contextual customer experience (depending on the country, depending on the status of the scanned part)
- Communication of regulatory information
- Simplified integration by API

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PME < à 250 personnes  

Nouveaux standards

QR code augmenté GS1
Digital Product Passport

Target audience

Jewelry, watchmaking
Home furnishing
Wines and spirits


Assets 1
Technologie RFID  
Assets 2
Traçabilité au lot ou à la pièce sérialisée  
Assets 3
Digitalisation et mise en conformité avec les nouvelles règlementations  

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All sizes companies

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MES, Manufacturing Execution System
IOT solution
RFID solution

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Barcode reading equipment
Printing equipment
RFID equipment

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Supply Chain Management consulting

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