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KatalX is a Trusted Supply Chain Visibility Platform, combining Advanced Visibility & Collaboration powered by Trusted Analytics. We focus on Vital Supply Chains (Pharma/Biotech/MedTech), featured by High Value/High Stakes/High Complexity. KatalX is designed to help Shippers get full control over their supply chain end-to-end, while collaborating with 3PLs/Carriers/Customers.

Our Vision: Serving the patient and preserving our planet by catalyzing the emergence of trusted supply chains.
We believe that Technology can be a powerful force for Good in the Business world IF it fosters Trust between business partners and society.

Sustainability is in our DNA
We selected 4 SDGs on which KatalX could have a meaningful impact within the Life Science ecosystem:
o SDG3 (Good Health and Well-being), by helping work on Total Product Integrity, zero-excursion, reducing waste/loss/counterfeit
o SDG 13 (Climate change), by helping with granular Carbon Tracking in logistics
o SDG 12 (Circular Economy), by facilitating Reverse Logistics
o SDG17 (Partnership for the Goal), by fostering collaboration across the ecosystem


• Advanced Visibility on Process (Chain of Custody/Responsibility/Identity)
• Advanced Visibility on Product (Chain of Condition - Active & Passive tracking)
• Advanced Collaboration on (trusted) Document Sharing - on a "Need to know basis"
• Advanced Collaboration on real-time Remediation (CAPA, Exception Mgt)
• Advanced Analytics (Descriptive/Predictive/Prescriptive)

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Outil gestion documentaire (GED)
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Outil de gestion transport (TMS)
Outil de gestion de traçabilité (MES...)
Solution Blockchain
Solution de reverse logistique
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Inscrit le 06/06/2023

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CEO and co-founder of KatalX, the next-gen visibility and collaboration supply chain platform, focused on life science.
Formerly head of enterprise blockchain and B2B platforms at Capgemini, with recognized leadership on supply chain, life science and sustainability.
Started his career in investment banking in New-york and London.
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique.

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