Dynamic tamper-proof digital service book


GoodsID offers a solution that makes it possible to digitize the maintenance book for all durable products on which repairs or maintenance operations are carried out (household appliances, bicycles, machines, equipment etc.).
This digital maintenance book is tamper-proof because all data is recorded and secured in the blockchain.
This digital maintenance book is also transferable from owner to owner during the eventual resale of the product.


GoodsID offers a solution that allows a manufacturer or distributor to create a digital service book for each of its products, automatically thanks to our APIs, and to transmit it to its customer who owns the product.
The solution also allows a third party (for example a repairer) to write and record in the service book the repairs or maintenance operations carried out on the product, to have a complete history of the product timestamped and certified.
Our solution also makes it possible to include in the digital certificate services related to the product (warranty, insurance, etc.).
Our solution also offers an interface for the product owner so that they can easily manage their product and use the features included in the digital service book.

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Jewelry, watchmaking
Logistic and transport
Technical Industries
Home furnishing
Wines and spirits


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Traçabilité du produit sur le marché  
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Renforce la durabilité du produit  
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Solution via APIs  

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All sizes companies

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MES, Manufacturing Execution System
Blockchain solution

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