Advice for PIM/MDM/DAM solutions


arounData consulting supports companies in the implementation of PIM/MDM/DAM solutions.
This modular accompaniment is done in 3 étapes:
Step 1: Définishing of the need, understanding the problem, creating a shared vision of what is the product sheet and its governance.
This first step makes it possible to validate the project, to commit resources
Step 2: Ensure the conditions of the project's success with process design and governance, development of a data dictionary, data quality audit and implementation of a data quality plan.
A call for tenders phase for the selection of a solution (meeting with the éditeurs, tests, commercial offers.) is included in this étape
This étape makes it possible to put in place solid foundations taking into account the métier, the technology and the human organization.
Step 3: Implement the project by guaranteeing the return on investment. In parallel, all actions are listed and déployées to accompany the change implied by the development of a data management solution for products.


3 benefits:
Offer nr 1 FLEX: Provision of 3 days of advice (24 hours) that you consume according to your needs and without limitation in time.

Offer nr 2 "Valorization of the data heritage of products": strategic and opérational advice in the implementation and implementation of PIM/MDM/DAM solution. This support is modular and covers 3 points:
a)Data mapping for éeéestablish a data stratumée réweightingàthat of the company
b)Design of the solution (process, data dictionary, governance purpose, data recovery and quality and help in choosing the solution) to create the conditions for the project's success
c)Implementation of the solution

Offer nr 3 "Protection of data heritage": support to ensure the implementation and implementation of the PIM/MDM/DAM solution
a)Mapping to identify the ócarts with the initial objective
(b) Consolidation of foundations and stabilization of design
(c)Finalization of the project

Nouveaux standards

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Company's information

Year of foundation
Company size
TPE < à 10 personnes  

Target audience

DIW / building
Home furnishing
Fresh products
Mass market products
Wines and spirits


Assets 1
25 ans d'expérience dans la gestion des données produits  
Assets 2
Différents projets de mise en oeuvre PIM/MDM dans différents secteurs  
Assets 3
Connaissance et maitrise des standards GS1, Dictionnaire de la donnée  

Target audience

SMEs < à 250
ETI < à 5000 personnes
All sizes companies

Consulting activities

Data management consulting
Management and organisation consulting

About the partner

arounData consulting

Member since 7/10/21

A propos

Ing&eacute;nieur + MBA, Bilingual (FR/EN)
More than 25 years of experience in Product Data Management (B2B and B2C)
Establishment of organization around data governance, data quality and process management
Project management, framing and implementation of PIM/MDM Product solution;
Credit for the 1&egrave;re European platform for management and data exchange
Excellent knowledge of the retail, PGC, E-commerce, B2B, Textile and Luxury, Pharmaceutical Industries and M&eacute;dicaux Devices sectors
Speaker &amp;agrave; the Berner FachhochschuleTechnik und Informatik &amp;ndash; Supply Chain &amp; Logistic Health Sector ⇨ Subject: GS1 Standards in the health sector &amp; eacute; &amp; Governance and Quality of data &amp;eacute;es products Intervener &amp;agrave; the HEG &amp;ndash; Fribourg: GS1 standards in E-commerce
Partner GS1 France and GS1 Switzerland

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