Since 1992, EUROEDI has been a software provider and service provider, in the in-office of information technology (EDI), invoicing and the dématérialisation of flows to the administration.

Our credit is to provide you with accessible and easy solutions à implement to gain in productivité, by automating your édata changesées.

We design EDI flow management tools and PDF sign&s, allowing you a complete autonomy without advanced it competence.

Our services in SaaS mode (Hébergement) are a fast opérational réponse if you want to totally outsource the processing of your flows or your invoicing électronics.

Each year, several million invoices are invoiced by GS1 France according to the provisions of the Général Code of Impôts.

We spend 20% of our payroll & R&D to ensure that our solutions and products are in line with market expectations while anticipating technological innovations.

We offer à our 400 customers high-performance solutions, sécurisées, évolutives, adapted to the spécificités métier, compliant with the standards of éexchange and rémentations.

We offer you:
the management of all types of EDI files structurés, normés or non-normés,
taking into account (incoming flows) or production (outgoing flows) all file formats, regardless of your information system (ERP, management software, spécifique, data storeées&es…)
the routing and automation of your files, via all available communication channels électronics,
the follow-up, the control, and the archiving of all your data flowsées commercial, accounting, tax …

On a daily basis, our technical experts are mobilized to perfect the reliability, the reéactivité and the financial optimization of your ére;eacute;changes with your écosystème:Suppliers, Customers, Partners and Administration.

Member since 5/12/21

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