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In 2002, Lobster GmbH is a German software provider specializing in innovative data management and data integration solutions for all your EDI/EAI exchanges.

We respond to the challenges of digitalization and digitalization by automating the interconnection of your corporate systems and applications (internal or external) and by driving all your data flows from A-Agrave; Z.

With more than 1,300 customers (from the SME; the CAC 40 multinational, this in all sectors of activity) and a loyalty rate of 99%, a team of 150 passionate employees is aggravated; your service is strong; a powerful technical support and user of education.

The core of our system, the Lobster_data solution, converts all your data formats into 6 simple types. It allows for fast, flexible and reliable connection and communication both internally and with all your external partners.

Our expertise

Our all-in-one data-citing tool offers you advanced ROI perspectives. The open solution is based on the philosophy of Lobster GmbH which guarantees you maximum efficiency with the minimum of effort. The choice of license and the offer is 'evolving' according to your needs. In addition, you don't have any constraints on the flexibility of the solution that can be quickly installed on-premise or on the cloud in SaaS mode. All this without complex technical procedures and without black boxing improving autonomy.

The developers of Lobster_data have made it a priority; the help options, documentation, video,20th-century documentation, instant messaging, the success of the telecommunicatiest... We wanted to make use Lobster_data be as simple, empty and collaborative as possible.


Our solutions

Lobster_data is an intuitive tool for data exchanges of informational information (EDI) and enterprise application integration (EAI). Lobster_data re-unites all the operations that previously required several software programs in one solution.

Lobster_data is both a central data hub and a converter. It can convert all data formats (EDIFACT, XML, CSV, etc.), manage the many communication channels (FTP, OFTP 1-2, AS2, X.400 etc.) and treat all your processes as a central data server. Lobster_data allows you to create interfaces by drag and drop and configuration rather than by programming. Finally, Lobster_data connects your enterprise applications (EAI) and connects your partners and suppliers (EDI) to change information such as orders, invoices, ASN's and many others. All of this is transparent and optimal.

Multi-domain integration technology: EDI, EAI, MFT, cloud integration, industry 4.0, IoT strategy.
Without programming interfaces: the configuration is done only on graphical interface, by para-errage and mapping via slide-d-eacute.-
Quick to pack: 2 days of training is enough, thanks to its intuitive handling of its graphical interface and its user assistants.
High compatibility: all the usual formats of the industry (EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI, SAP, IDOC, XML, etc.) are included free of charge, as well as the models. All standard protocols are supported (AS2, OFTP1-2, web services, OPC UA, SAP ALE, X.400, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, SMTP, etc.)
Easy to use: HTML5 web client. Tools for assistance (explanations, video, etc.) and online collaboration.
Lobster_pro helps you automate, model and visualize all your low-level processes through powerful dynamic graphics tools that can be accessed everywhere on all your screens. In this, Lobster_pro represents a placute application layer over Lobster _data and allows you to have a 360-deg view of your supply chain.

The benefits

Thanks to Lobster_data your interfaces are operational much faster than with any other tool. The integrated documentation automatically approved by the tool also allows you to have a large amount of activity in the event of a day-to-day update.

Central monitoring and its rich, simple and visual user interface allows you to track all your feeds and inform yourself by notification or alert of all the "vets" that you will have finished.

Lobster_data is an ultra-compatible software tool for converting all data formats and adapting the many communication channels. You can put and receive streams regardless of the protocol, all monitored in a transparent way in real time. In addition, you benefit from fast learning and training.

Technical and user support gives you access to all day upgrades, support for mapping creation, communication protocols, certificates, error corrections, security settings, etc. All 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Company's information

Year of foundation
Company size
ETI < à 5000 personnes  

Target audience

All sectors


Assets 1
Middleware designed for EDI/EAI/ETL/API/Cloud  
Assets 2
Data security and accessibility  
Assets 3
No-code software  

Target audience

All sizes companies

Activities of software publishers / integraters

Marketplace flow integrator
Dematerialization tool
PIM / BIM product information management
IOT solution

About the partner


Member since 5/7/21

A propos

Since 2002, Lobster has been a specialist in data integration with its no-code middleware solution Lobster_data. Developed with German technology, the tool offers a reliable, simple and secure all-in-one platform to quickly implement all your ETL, EDI, EAI and API projects.
Easily and quickly create interfaces between your systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and heterogeneous applications to make them dialogue.

Automate your data flows, digitalise your processes and benefit from a real-time monitoring centre. More than 2000 customers across Europe already trust Lobster.

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