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Who are we?

Icecat NV is an international syndicate and distributor of content produced for online and offline channels. We produce millions of product sheets in more than 60 languages, which are distributed through different sales and marketing channels.

What are we doing?

- Dataées products
A library of standardized product content optimized for e-commerce

- Data managementées products
Tailor-made solutions for digital content management

- Connectivité
A fluid data integration through e-commerce

- Use
Génération of leads and portées conversion options on the customer expérience.


Open content, product information, PIM, datasheets - product sheets, product catalog, Open catalog, product data, free product catalog, XML format, URL, international product content provider standardisé


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Sandra REZKI  
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Company's information

Year of foundation
Company size
PME < à 250 personnes  

Target audience

DIW / building
Jewelry, watchmaking
Home furnishing
Wines and spirits

Target audience

All sizes companies

Activities of software publishers / integraters

Marketplace flow integrator
Files management tool (GED)
PIM / BIM product information management



Consulting activities

Data management consulting

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Member since 7/5/21

A propos

Icecat - We help people better understand what they buy.

Who Are We?

Icecat NV is a global publisher and syndicator of product information for online and offline channels. We produce millions of product data-sheets in 60+ languages that are distributed through various sales and marketing channels worldwide.

What We Do :

- Product Data
Standardized product content library optimized for e-commerce

- Product Data Management
Customized solutions to manage all digital assets.

- Connectivity
Seamless integration of data across the e-commerce ecosystem.

- Utilization
Lead generation and conversion options focused on customer journey.

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