The Compagnie Rochelaise du Logiciel (COROLO) is a solution provider to promote the regulatory compliance of companies with digital tools.

COROLO has a particular intention to simplify uses and respect the standards of the sectors of activity (Retail and Rail).


Railway Industry:

Support for the railway industry in the adoption of GS1 standards:
- On-boarding of more than 200 Alstom suppliers on the integration movement of the GS1 standard on the marking of the TGV M pièces.
- Vérifications of the GS1 Datamatrix étiquettes upstream of expédition à GS1 Qualicode.

Centralised and integrated digitalisation of the railway sector for work from the construction to the destruction through the development of the collaborative web platform Trainsparts.Online:
- Digitization of pièces
- Digitization of supplier configuration sheets
- Management of the codification plan
- Prototyping and printing of product labels - GS1 Datamatrix
- Historisation of the événements li&eée à each of the pièces (maintenance, replacement…)

- Sharing data with customers (Exports, Intégration by API / webservice)

Development of an international Spread&Cole collaborative web platform for manufacturers in order to curize and access the processes of withdrawals-recalls of offending products:
- Récupération of product sheets on Code Online Search (GS1) and Alkemics
- Mass import of lots and delivery points by brand
- Automatic management of withdrawal-reminder documents for distributors and official services (DGCCRF - Conso Reminder)
- Dissemination of alerts from the platform and follow-up of the évenement (reporting, tracking, KPI)

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Files management tool (GED)
PIM / BIM product information management
RFID solution

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