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Too much PPE is used on a daily basis, while it does not comply with regulatory requirements, the recommendations of use of manufacturers. Keep Control provides a global response to work safely from the identification of equipment, the exchange of useful information, the monitoring of their compliance to recycling.
Management becomes simple, even when devices are used while roaming.
Objective: to consume less PPE and better use it for increased safety of wearers.


We support our customers in the design of markings specific to PPE & materials subject to regulatory control.
We produce the markings with the GS1 GIAI identification of our customers for the traceability of existing equipment fleets.
Our software solution developed specifically for the complex management of equipment simplifies the monitoring of the life cycle of each equipment, access to static and dynamic information for use in accordance with legislation, manufacturer recommendations and best practices defined by the customer.
No need to regularly order PPE, without first checking:
- the availability of your new and used stocks
- the individual needs related to the conformity of the PPE of each endowment

Company's information

Year of foundation
Company size
TPE < à 10 personnes  

Target audience

DIW / building
Logistic and transport
Technical Industries


Assets 1
Expertise en vente, gestion et traçabilité d'EPI  
Assets 2
Conception de la solution pour les EPI utilisés en itinérance  
Assets 3
Logiciel configuré pour un accès partagé et ouvert à l'échange de données  

Target audience

SMEs < à 250
ETI < à 5000 personnes
GE >= à 5000 personnes

Activities of software publishers / integraters

MES, Manufacturing Execution System
Image recognition
Blockchain solution
IOT solution
RFID solution



Manufacturers activities

Label publisher and printer
Printing equipment
RFID equipment
Industrial marking and coding solution

Consulting activities

Data management consulting
Traceability consulting
Management and organisation consulting
IT consulting

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Member since 3/29/22

A propos

Our experience in selling, managing PPE and traceability is our source of inspiration to help companies consume PPE better and improve people's safety.
If your equipment is considered consumable and your wearers sometimes use non-compliant equipment (poorly maintained, uncontrolled, expired...), the equipment is misused; so there's a lot to do...
We created Keep Control to simplify the lives of carriers, companies and their partners by offering a global traceability solution.
Our know-how:
1- the specific marking for each type of PPE / material
2- identification according to the GS1 standard
3- access to static and dynamic information through the reading of the marking on the equipment
4- life cycle monitoring to recycling of your equipment (management of needs, compliance, availability)

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