Created in 1980 THE AGENA3000 company is a provider and incentive for solutions to optimize data exchanges for manufacturers, distributors and their partners in various business sectors.
In France as an international company, AGENA3000 supports more than 3,500 customers who trust it in their digital transformation.
In addition to its offices in France (Cholet and Le Mans), AGENA300 is located in Montes and Tunis.

AGENA300 pays particular attention to the importance of its solutions in meeting the standards and uses of the business sectors in which they are required. The different qualifications obtained from GS1 France guarantee users compliance with these standards.

All of THE solutions marketed by AGENA300 are agile, secure and designed to save time on a daily basis:

PIM: managing and enriching product information
EDI: financialization of exchanges, documents and invoices
TPM: Regular monitoring of trade agreements
ERP: global management of the company
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Laurent VOYER  
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02 52 60 60 36  

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Année de création de l'entreprise
Taille de l'entreprise
PME < à 250 personnes  
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Filière cible

Bâtiment Bricolage
Transport Et Logistique
Toutes Filières
Technical Industries
Produits Frais
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Bijouterie, Horlogerie
Vin & Spiritueux

Clientèle cible

Clientèle cible
PME < à 250 personnes
ETI < à 5000 personnes
GE >= à 5000 personnes
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Qualifications GS1

GDSN Fiche-produit éditeur
GDSN Fiche-tarifaire
Facture électronique
Excellence logistique

Activités des éditeurs de logiciels / intégrateurs

Outil de gestion de flux marketplace
Outil de gestion commerciale (ERP)
Outil dématérialisation transaction comm
Outil de gestion product Data PIM / BIM

Activités des cabinets de conseil

Conseil en Data Management
Conseil en IT / SI

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