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Our tools, processes and technology have been certified by GS1. GS1 BelgiLux is now proud to use our technology to help its customers capture data. Our collaboration with GS1 France is therefore natural to help French members with our solution sized for their needs.
The combination of human logic and AI technology ensures a continuous growth of our GS1 knowledge. Over time, we will not only become smarter, but also more efficient.
Thanks to our advanced processes, we have more time to help our clients resolve difficult questions or situations.


We relieve our customers of the burden of entering complicated, monotonous and time-consuming data. We do all this for them with our expertise.
Thanks to the use of digital labels, customers do not need to send us their products. This saves them time and money.
Through artificial intelligence technology, we ensure that the quality of the data is as high as possible. This also ensures a high efficiency rate when processing product information.

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Productsup enables brand manufacturers to syndicate flawless and enriched product data to any retailer or channel in every global market, including the GDSN network.

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