Characteristics, documents, actions carried out, instructions... Follow real-time object information and simply collaborate with all stakeholders. From their manufacture for the construction site to their maintenance over time!

50% input time saved per field operator
5h of possible savings on time tracking

Simply dematerialize, store and view the information of your objects
Goodbye papers! With 360 SmartConnect, digitize every piece of information and documents about your objects. And make them accessible simply in a few clicks, from the object thanks to a QR Code / NFC or remotely from your computer.

Share and collaborate effectively in your construction projects...
From the design of the part in the factory, to its installation and its proper routing on the site, follow in real time each action carried out by the parties of your project. All in a secure environment where information is frozen!

... and on the maintenance of your objects once installed!
What actions have already been taken? By who? What are the future actions to be planned? Always keep an eye on the maintenance of your items once installed. And keep control over the right realization!

Control and monitor in a few clicks remotely
Thanks to our platform, centralize all the objects tracked by the 360 SmartConnect solution and follow each step of your project! Thanks to exports and visual dashboards, you always know where you stand!


The 360SmartConnect service is based on three fundamental principles:

-Identification: To differentiate objects

-Historization :P keep track of actions related to the object

-Life cycle management :P process engine to drive the product

For uses:
-Traceability and BIM
-For cleaning and maintenance
-For the traceability of plans
-For the signature of the construction sites and memory of the walls

Nouveaux standards

QR code augmenté GS1
Digital Product Passport

Target audience

DIW / building
Logistic and transport
Technical Industries


Assets 1
Données et applications Web sur le terrain  
Assets 2
Traçabilité, BIM, Digital link et les marqueurs NFC/QrCodes  
Assets 3
La plateforme logicielle SAAS  

Target audience

Clientèle cible
SMEs < à 250
ETI < à 5000 personnes
GE >= à 5000 personnes
All sizes companies

GS1 certifications

GDSN product sheet
Logistical excellence

Activities of software publishers / integraters

Files management tool (GED)
WMS/OMS/WCS logistics management tools
PIM / BIM product information management
MES, Manufacturing Execution System
Reverse logistic solution
IOT solution
RFID solution


Communication agency
Consumer application

Manufacturers activities

Label publisher and printer
Printing equipment
RFID equipment
Industrial marking and coding solution

Consulting activities

Data management consulting
Strategy consulting
Traceability consulting
Management and organisation consulting
Supply Chain Management consulting
IT consulting

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Member since 9/21/23

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We are the creators of universal and intelligent traceability for ALL: construction, real estate, maintenance, your factory, service providers
It is a solution that we intend primarily for the world of construction as a tool for efficiency. What's particularly exciting about what we're doing is that it can be applied to a lot of other sectors... well beyond the world of construction

Entrepreneur since 2002, I never cease to orient the solutions that we create with my colleagues, on the concept of: SUSTAINABLE / GENEROUS / SIMPLE: INTELLIGENT
Always taking care to keep the human being at the center of the reflection.

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