Exodata is part of this new category of hotel providers, who set up infrastructures in their own centre or those of opérateurs. Our infrastructures have the particularity of having étéélaborées with very high standards regarding their architecture, and bénéficient technologies of automation of certain maintenance and updating processes. Thanks to this automation, we can commit to the high availability&application of our platforms. This allows our customers to focus on their core métier.

Exodata is née a merger between two opensphere réunionnaises, expert in sécurité information systems and GAA, customer service à high added [xxxxxxx] ;eacute;e. This spin-off thus capitalizes on the know-how and knowledge of its two ainées.

Its objective: to support structures and organizations by outsourcing their IS, through powerful tools, solid infrastructures and reliable services, with a unique offer of 24/7 management services.

Its ambition: to offer à its customers a high-end concierge service in terms of optimization, supervision and information of Information System.

Member since 5/12/21

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