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Equadis is an expert in product data management and analysis. Its solution, the only omnichannel PIM on the market, allows to collect, manage, enrich and disseminate product, price, visual data to the entire ecosystem in a simple, fast and secure way, guaranteeing customers the dissemination of complete and verified information. All enriched by an undeniable success factor: human support.
Deployed in more than 20 countries, Equadis' solutions help improve operational efficiency and accelerate the time-to-market and growth of its customers. Today Equadis collaborates with more than 14,000 brands and distributors in all sectors, including the food, cosmetics, medical and much more.
Managed by Ghislain Esquerre since 2016, Equadis has more than 70 employees, 50% of whom are dedicated to R&D, and is located in 6 countries.
After opening the Southern European market in 2021, Equadis continues its exponential growth.
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