Meylan, France


In 2009, 3C-EVOLUTION launched its own product information management software: NEXTPAGE©. And thus becomes éditeur et intégrateur de la solution PIM NEXTPAGE©.

Since then, the software has been in constant évolution. Our équipes work every day à enrich NEXTPAGE&copy> with new featuresés. We are à the ácost of our customers and à the affût of the lastères trends of the marketé to propose adapted innovationsées. The user experience is our priority, to facilitate the daily work of users.

Today, 3C-EVOLUTION (PIM and WEB agency) is the specialist in France of solutions around data products (data management, e-catalog, e-commerce, paper catalog). The PIM / DAM / PUBLICATION NEXTPAGE© software has therefore become a référence for the management of product information.

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