SEEBURGER is a global provider of B2B integration solutions that optimize third-party processes, reduce the cost of operational op-operts, facilitate governance and conformity, and enable visibility and end-to-end monitoring of the logistics chain with your partners, while maximizing the integration with your ERP and other applications.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industrial and tertiary sectors, THE company SEEBURGER is now ranked among the best providers of integration solutions - B2B, MFT, API, IOT - by analysts. We support thousands of customers in more than 50 countries and 15 sectors. SEEBURGER solutions are deployed both in 'laquo; On-Premise', and in the 'laquo; Cloud's'


The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite becomes the engine of your Digital Transformation: a unified, central, flexible and scalable platform for all activities of interest and exchange of data. Thanks to SEEBURGER solutions, your company will be able to adapt to its needs for automated data integration in a simple way, fast and efficient, in complete accounting for its third-party processes and by fully automating and supervising its exchanges with all your business partners and cloud inter-systems and applications.

SEEBURGER offers B2B/EDI, E-Invoicing, MFT, IoT/Industry 4.0 and API/EAI solutions. SEEBURGER solutions can be exploited in the onpremity or in the SEEBURGER cloud, or with hybrid implementation options.

Each solution offers a component for the implementation of data scenarios, and a component for the graphic creation of the scenarios of data and the management of APIs.

The SEEBURGER eacute electronic billing solution e-Invoicing is compliant with all B2B and B2G standards, and relevant eacute-electronic billing regulations around the world, including tax archiving through a Trustweaver-reg service; fully integrated with SEEBURGER cloud services:

- In France: DEMAT (EDI complete B2B), Chorus Pro France (B2G), GS1-2018 certification.
- In Italy: FatturaPA (System of Eacute;change, SDI B2G/B2B),
- In Germany: ZUGFeRD Germany (B2B/B2G) or mixed invoice,
- In Spain: AEATSII (Immediate Supply of VAT Information - B2G), Facturae (B2G),
- In Austria: ebInterface (B2G),
- UK: Making Tax Digital (B2T) NHS
- In Northern Europe: PEPPOL (B2G)
- In Hungary: NAV (B2G)
- In Mexico: CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet B2B / B2G).
- In India: E-Waybill API and SIMPoL Invoice

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