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Product Information Management - Product 360:
Acquire accurate product information, distribute it and distribute it across all channels.
A unique experience of the brand, everywhere
Customers are more loyal when they can access high-quality information leading to improved customer service.
With Product 360, you can create better product and brand experience by enabling your customers to make smarter purchases.
You ensure increased agility and your business because collaboration between your teams and marketing agencies is easy.
The conversion rate is higher in the omni-channel trade;
Whether sales are made through online, mobile, retail, catalogue, point-of-sale or electronic procurement channels, Product 360 transforms information to allow it to close a small sale when it was not a winnute.
Product 360 provides higher conversion rates, higher margins, more new customers and a higher number of sales per customer.
With the increase in connectivity (data and customers), companies need adapted solutions to best understand their digital transformation.
Product 360 ensures that the right customers have access to the right product information at the right time.
Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2015 in data


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