INFOLOGIC ENGINEERING, the publisher and creator of Integrated Management Software, is a leader in the agri-food industry and food industry. The experience of the industrial environment and the technological know-how acquired during 30 years of experience are also put at the service of other sectors of activity.

CO-COPIC is the latest in-funding of Integrated Management Software by INFOLOGIC. More than 18,000 positions have been installed and 350 companies have adopted it.


Complete functional coverage: CO-PILOT is sufficient because it covers all the company's functions with modules such as GPAO, sales, inventory, order preparation, decision-making, CRM, accounting and accounting.
A solution to the cutting edge of innovation: CO-PILOT is fully developed; in Java, a universal language. CO-ORO-ARS allows the user to have touch and graphics features, media such as tablets and smartphones.
A tool for the agri-food world: CO-PILOT is a vertical ERP that takes into account the constraints of the food industry. It is involved in all types of transits and automatons, as well as the notions of tra-ccedil; Wifi, RFID...
A decision-making module at the heart of the application: INFOCENTRE is the ultimate module for helping the company in real time. It allows TO centralize the data of CORON to perform analysis, reporting, dashboards, plan them automatically, make previews and simulations, monitor and alert in case of malfunctions.
A rationalized financial investment: CO-PILOT simplifies processes, optimizes posts, and circulates information instantaneously. Productivity gains are immediate, fast ROI.

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PME < à 250 personnes  

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Wines and spirits

Target audience

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SMEs < à 250
ETI < à 5000 personnes
GE >= à 5000 personnes
All sizes companies

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