In the early 1980s, Dai Nippon Printing was one of the first companies to launch thermal transfer tape technology.
Since 2008, DNP has merged with Sony Chemicals' TTR division and DNP's Imaging Communication subsidiary.
Since then, DNP has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of thermal transfer tapes for printers.

- Offer excellent quality of variable printing:
Consistent and high-quality variable prints, such as barcodes, are essential in any supply chain. DNP manufactures high-quality thermal transfer tapes in Japan that offer just that. Our expertise is to find the tape that meets exactly the requirements of your application and production system.

- Peace of mind for your impressions:
The printing of CB should not compromise your production process and your supply chain. The ratio of the cost/risk of ribbons to thermal transfer makes it a consumable that must work and be available at any time. The quality and consistency of DNP products, combined with a bespoke service, guarantees you peace of mind when printing.

- Harmonization of substrate, printer and tape:
For each application and resistance, DNP has an appropriate ribbon. We work closely with printer and label manufacturers to ensure that the chosen tape works optimally in your production range. Our experts are available to answer specific questions and help you raise your thermal transfer printing challenges.

- Personalizing ribbons according to your needs:
DNP delivers ribbons based on the specific needs of its customers, including:
'bull' roll width
Bull; Ribbon Length
The type of chuck and the possibility of additional chuck
Bull; Special Leader

In addition, we can re-write branding requirements, for example by formulating custom colours. Don't contact us so we can discuss your specific needs!


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