Connectiv-IT is the French référence software manager for digitalization and management of Supply Chain data exchange for the Wines & Spirits and Cosmetics sector. Recognized for its expertise and know-how, Connectiv-IT is the trusted partner of the ténors of this company for the digitalization and control of processes and data in the supply chain.


Our special offer provides manufacturers with support services and state-of-the-art software, Digital-SUPPLY, allowing them to share information and collaborate with their suppliers and subcontractors.
This multi-channel platform, EDI and web portal, supports all the éexchange of information relating to supplier supplies, from the sending of a stock or a preévision to the follow-up of invoices through the management of orders and logistics follow-up. It also facilitates exchanges with suppliers regarding the management of quality opinions and OTIF remedies.
Its exception management makes it possible to control supply operations and to solicit, via alerts, customer and supplier actors and suppliers for good use. Through its rôle tour de control of information flows, Digital-Supply contributes greatly to the measurement of supplier performance and the operational management of the supply chain.
Digital-SUPPLY is a common tool for the customer and its suppliers which, by providing a unique version of the vérité » guarantees end-to-end continuity between customer partners, suppliers, logistics providers. All of these partners benefit from the visibility, fluidity, reliability and security of data.
Finally, Digital-SUPPLY is based on:
• the user's existing systems (e.g. logistics information system, ERP or BI) and strengthens them, instead of replacing them;
• the international standards or spécifications of the sector, GS1 xml and GUSI in this case.

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Jewelry, watchmaking
Wines and spirits


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ETI < à 5000 personnes
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Dematerialization tool
MES, Manufacturing Execution System

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